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Book Review: Mr Trump Goes to Washington

LONDON - England - Mr Trump Goes to Washington is a satirical graphic novel authored by Michael Mayor

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If you want to read something that may give you a little chuckle here or there, how about a satirical review of Mr Trump’s election campaign, and his early days in office?

As far as the much maligned presidency of Donald Trump goes, there is much to be said of his rhetoric versus his action. Here is a guy who said he would ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., yet spectacularly backtracked on his promise. Here is a guy that said he would repeal Obamacare, but could not even get close to doing so; here is a guy who said he would build a wall along the Mexican border, but has not mentioned it since. All in all, Mr Trump has been pretty ineffectual — almost akin to a dog that has a large bark but no bite.

Naturally the liberals are out to get Mr Trump at all costs, and it seems many Republicans are too. This is where we come to the little graphic satirical book capturing the first days of Mr Trump’s presidency by Michael Mayor.

Almost like some kind of deranged Mr Men parody or is it Trumpton, we have Mr Trump Goes to Washington, published by Veloce. Each page turned depicts the president in fine graphical 3D tones with an especially elongated red tie, to accentuate the Don and his insane mission. The jokes come quick and fast, and will soon have you reaching for the toilet paper to wipe your pooey bottom. Yes, this book is good toilet reading.

As with most graphical tomes, this book will have you coming back for more chuckles time after time, just flick to any page to see the antics of Mr Trump unfurl.

Sadly there were no mentions of Mr Trump’s penchant for golden showers performed by beautiful Russian Natasha spies on the FSB payroll who also film the glorious proceedings, possibly to be used at a later date, when Putin needs a little laugh himself.

Yes, it’s a pretty harmless jovial take on Mr Trump and his journey, taking in scenes of Ivanka, the Russians, FAKE NEWS, Hillary, Obama and many, many more.

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In 2016, much to his surprise, Mr Trump was elected President of the United States of America. This is the story of what happened when Mr Trump went to Washington. The author does not envisage it will end well... Political satire in 3D graphic novel form £9.99 / $12.99 ISBN 978-1-787111-63-9 Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd http://www.veloce.co.ukBook Review: Mr Trump Goes to Washington
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