Black Overload: Oscars Go All White

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Hollywood Oscars this year are all about race according to disgruntled black actors, but the question should be, what about other races apart from black people, who have had supremacy during the Obama reign?

“First things first, why are there no Oriental actors nominated for the Oscars? Why are there no Polynesian actors nominated? Because the English speaking world is primarily for those people. Why do black actors want to hijack something, why don’t they go back to Africa and build their own film industry?” an industry insider in Hollywood revealed on Monday.

The truth is that people have had enough of the incessant moaning, the hijacking of everything by blacks in the entertainment industry and the world in general. Since Obama has become president, the hijacking of pretty much every genre of everything has been de rigueur, enabled by an administration that puts blacks above any other race.

What about Tibetans? Are they not humans, are they not good actors and actresses? What about Chinese or Japanese actors, or Indians? What about Arabic, or Turkish actors? There are some great actors in South America. Why does it just have to always be about black actors? There are other races in the world apart from entitled blacks, who seem to shout the loudest for everything and display little or no talent to back it up.

“Everyone has had enough of rap films, ghettoised cop films and all the other hip hop culture films. No one wants to watch that apart from dumbed down low intelligence troglodytes. Besides, watch any mainstream big studio Hollywood film, and you will see tonnes of black actors portraying people in positions of power, let’s reference Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson as two such actors. The former referenced actor is always the all-American father figure, the latter is always the wheeler-dealer African American. You buy a used car from Samuel L. Jackson? Hell no, he’ll convince you to get in the boot, take it round the corner and put a few caps in yo ass so you don’t blab,” another industry person revealed.

One angry former Hollywood executive said: “Stop hijacking! Don’t impose yourself on people that do not want to see your face on the screen. Instead blacks should create their own film industry where they can indulge in their own dreams. There’s only so much black culture the rest of society can take.”

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