Interior Knowledge: Stock Market to Pop Soon

NEW YORK - USA - The artificially high rise of the stock market is unsustainable and will soon have to pop.

In physics, things that go up must always come back down again in a gravity situation, and this is the case with the stock market, the Dow currently bordering 23,000 is unsustainable under the current conditions.

As much as artificial pumping goes, the resources of those creating the false fa├žade of a rising market, are the ones also about to sell to maximise their profits, whilst telling everyone else to buy.

“Ever had a 45% fall in three hours? Circuit breakers won’t mean shit. This thing will go down faster than the twin towers and their freefall descent. Forget about calling the broker or trying to log in to your account, they will all be off the hook. If you are not out now, or soon, then say goodbye to your money. Once the avalanche starts, the speed of descent will quicken, and it will spread to other mountains on other continents. China, Japan, Europe, everywhere. The key to this thing is preparation. Let me show you when to sell. You sell when you see the first signs of massive volatility. Up 400 one day, down 600 another. These zig zags are seismic warnings. Naturally, the stock market TV pundits will just say it is temporary, hold on to your stocks, they will try to calm investors, as they are paid to do that job. Their job is to keep you buying, in fact when it begins, they will urge you to buy more X or Y stock, hey it just dropped x%, it’s a good buy. Do not buy that stock, or any other. Hide your money under your fucking mattress, or if you can buy gold, tangible assets that if the whole economy goes will be valid. The dollar could be worthless as well after and during the crash, for it is underpinned by thin air and nothing real. You will not be able to access your bank account, and even if you can, the banks will shut down withdrawals to prevent a run on the system.”

A crash is good

Once the stock market avalanche hits, this is the first attack, then there will be secondary, and third attacks. Each phase increasing in severity. If you have land elsewhere, as do the billionaires, who have prepared in advance, you will survive.

One must understand, that in today’s global economy, everything is interconnected. If we see ripples in Japan or China, we also see effects of these ripples on Wall Street and London. However, if the behemoth goes down in sixty seconds, then the whole globe catches a cold. We’re talking the U.S. and its economy.

The music stops — silence

As in all crashes, it is a waiting game to see the exact bottom, to see some point of recovery, but as the fear spreads, there will be those who will be buying, they will be cleaning up, they will be filling their boots with as much stock as they can take. This whilst martial law is in place, where anarchy and looting hits the streets as all welfare and medical assistance is halted, and sectarian clashes blight the landscape.

There may never be a recovery, simply because there are elements within the deep government who first need to resolve certain issues. Their main concern is in cleaning the swamp, in cleansing America of the undesirables, in reducing the population which has become a huge burden on the country and its resources. These issues, may take many years or decades to work through before any sort of financial recovery is allowed. From there, it will be a time of renewal, and those who have survived will be instrumental in rebuilding their nation once again.

The future is clouded in smoke, but some can still see deep into the tape of time and warn of the dangers of complicity, of unawareness, and of being unprepared.

Water, food, guns, and shelter, that’s all you will need.

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