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Far Right Elected in Austria Daily Squib Accurately Predicted in 2012

LINZ - Austria - The Daily Squib accurately predicted in 2012, of the rise of far-right fascist EU leaders and their subsequent election into power.

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The Daily Squib accurately predicted the rise of the far right EU fascist groups and leaders in 2012.

From weakness comes strength, and this is what always happens in Europe. The current EU leaders have created the environment for fascist nazi groups to flourish by flooding EU countries with masses of immigrants in little time.

As Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor on 30 January 1933, his dictatorship and subsequent wars were enabled by the weakness of Hindeberg issuing the Reichstag Fire Decree which nullified civil liberties.

So too, we have inroads in Austria, with the win of Sebastian Kurz, the youngest world leader at only 31, he is seeking to make a coalition government with the far-right Freedom party (FPÖ).

History repeats itself in interesting ways, as the future sees nothing but ovens burning day and night, as the bones of Romanians, gypsies, gays, blacks, Asians, Jews, Muslims and other assorted so-called Untermensch roast.

It will start slowly, as it always does. Then the fever will spread to other parts of the EU, as so many have been angered by the invasions over decades that have tainted their lands. People, supposedly normal, turn extreme when their schools fill up with foreigners, their towns are blighted and their hospital beds taken up by freeloading migrants.

This time, the anger will be severe – it already is at seething level – but there is a palpable anger intrinsic in Europe today amongst the ordinary populace that is bubbling with rage, ready to spill over. The people will come together to oust the politicians who have perpetuated their nightmare existence amongst the ‘offensive looking’ foreigners who take all the resources that should be there for the indigenous peoples’ benefit.


The currently blind hierarchy of the EU, are too concerned with their massive expense accounts and sauna sessions to see even the simplest of human emotions bubbling from underneath them. They are so high up in their ivory towers that they are completely ignorant to what is really happening.

The future of the current hierarchy of the EU lies with their heads on spikes, or in front of a firing squad, or simply torn to pieces by the crowds of rage-filled people.

Naturally, to see the likes of Jean Claude Juncker with his head on a stick would be an adorable sight to behold, however, Mr. Juncker is himself a Nazi, and his past is full of Nazi ancestry, so he will just change his tune in alignment of the rising fascists to keep his place. He will keep his cognac and his daily date with a different barely legal filly brought to his office.

Just as the German populace turned a blind eye to what happened to the Jews, and the French populace welcomed the Nazis into their country with open arms, there will be many who join the new EU fascist entity, either in the military or simply as a citizen. All of these people, they will on the day turn a blind eye when the ovens are turned back on.

You crazy fools who fled your countries from war to get into the EU, who fled from Sub-Saharan Africa where there is nothing to come to the EU, and all the other economic migrants, there will be nowhere to run. You will have fled your previous life, but run instead into a trap, and as they push you into the ovens, dead or alive, you will rue the day that you thought about fleeing your homeland.

Europe will be cleansed once again, and the newly reborn EU Fourth Reich will once again attempt to rule for another claimed ‘thousand years’.



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