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The Insincerity of David Beckham’s Charity Masquerade

LOS ANGELES - USA - If one wants even more proof that celebrities do charity only for themselves, David Beckham, who has latched on to UNICEF is a prime example of a liar extraordinaire. ... Full story

Klopp’s Team

LIVERPOOL - England - Liverpool are going from strength to strength this season thanks to manager, Jurgen Klopp. ... Full story

Champion greyhound Clares Rocket found after kidnap

TIPPERARY - Ireland - Champion greyhound Clares Rocket has been found safe and sound after being kidnapped. ... Full story
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Football is Corrupt? Do Catholic Bears Sh*t in the Vatican?

LONDON - England - People have been surprised to find that the institution of football is corrupt to the core. ... Full story

21-Year-Old Polish Player Wins EPT 13 Barcelona

BARCELONA - Spain - Most 21-year olds are having to deal with the pressures of finding a decent job and a place to live and then coming to the realisation of just how difficult things can get when you’re trying to juggle different bills and dealing with the other financial struggles that life constantly throws at you. ... Full story

Superhuman Russian Olympic Athlete Seen Flying Over Rio De Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Russian, Igor Benzedrinksi, the 24 year-old Heptathlon Olympic athlete was seen flying over the capital city yesterday after taking off from the ground during the 10,000 metre event. ... Full story
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GUANABARA BAY: Brazil Olympic Sewage Event Highlights

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Raw sewage continues to pour into Guanabara Bay in Rio which is hosting the Olympic triathlon, sailing and marathon swimming events at the Games. ... Full story
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Superhuman Russian Olympic Athletes Wow the Crowd

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - The Russian Olympic team at the 2016 games has shown amazing feats of superhuman strength and endurance. ... Full story
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Remain Campaign Want England to Re-Play Match With Iceland

NICE - France - The Remain campaign want a re-match, or how about 200 re-matches with Iceland. Whatever it takes to win a bloody game. ... Full story
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Predict the European Championships and Win £50 Million – the Amount We Send to EU Every Single Day

LONDON - England - Vote Leave have launched a £50 million Euro Championship prize competition. Sign up for your chance to win big. ... Full story
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