No! Mo is Not Mo No More

LONDON - England - Apparently, Olympics champion, Mo Farah is not Mo Farah.

mo farah

Sir Mo Farah is apparently not Sir Mo Farah and he was never Mo Farah in the first place, apparently.

Sir Mo Farah who was even knighted by the Queen for his marathon running skills is now technically not a Sir because she knighted someone with a completely different name.

In other news, I did not write this article and am a completely different person to the person you think wrote this piece of crap because if it was written by a real writer the piece would be really witty and funny but instead someone else wrote this therefore I am off the hook.

Prince Charles is not Prince Charles as well. He has just confessed to the media that he is in fact a Romanian migrant called Vasile Dracul from Wallachia, Transylvania, a distant cousin of some chap called Vlad.

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