Airlines Now Wishing There Was Another Lockdown

HEATHROW - England - With thousands of flight cancellations and chaos in airports. Airlines are wishing for another Covid lockdown.

The idiotic and greedy airlines who were decrying lockdowns during the Covid pandemic are now ironically wishing that we were all in lockdown again. Flight cancellations, staff shortages, no baggage handlers and airport clusterfucks mean taking a holiday for an ordinary person will require three-day waits with little or no information in packed boarding halls where people have nervous breakdowns and punch ups erupt every five minutes.

Modern air travel in the current climate is an ordeal many sane people would do anything to avoid, and yet there are thousands of idiots who are programmed to buy holidays in some shit-hole Spanish package holiday destination.

The airlines are their own worst enemy because they enable the hundreds of thousands of morons to subject themselves to travel torture by lowering ticket prices to fill planes that cannot be serviced and airports that do not have the staff anymore.

With stupidity on both sides in plentiful supply, the insanity will continue ad infinitum.

Going on holiday abroad? Ah, good for you! Pay no attention to the fact that these creaky overused aircraft do not have the proper staff numbers to check the planes before they take off. It’s okay, just don’t think about the fact that metal fatigue is a real thing, and the necessary checks before departing did not take place.

Enjoy your holiday. You deserve it.

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