No Trial For Ferguson Hero Cop Darren Wilson

FERGUSON - USA - As the crowds die down and the senseless nonsensical rhetoric is quashed by facts about the recent shooting of Michael Brown, the hero cop stands above the savage melee.

“The brave policeman, Darren Wilson, is a credit to hard working Americans everywhere, here is a man who went the extra mile to do his job, therefore in the light of his outstanding record there will be no media frenzy trial just to appease the lunatic fringe baying for cop blood,” an official said yesterday.

Well wishers have already raised $234,000 for the officer as he has been caught up in a terrible injustice just for doing his job.

The ill informed looters and rioters of Ferguson were egged on by democrat controlled networks with lies and half truths as well as people like Sharpton, Holder and Obama. For the low IQ uneducated easily controlled pawns participating in the Ferguson looting, they were simply showing the world what they’re made of.