America Under Attack — From Its Own President?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - How many times can Americans be fooled by the same person, over and over again?

One thing American voters probably never figured out when they first voted for Barack Hussein Obama was that they themselves would eventually be the target of constant attacks, but let’s face it, you only had to look at the hypnotised faces of the Obama supporters in the crowds to see that those people were not actually in charge of their own minds, let alone their ability to make coherent voting decisions.

Naturally the Daily Squib was always in the know about such things, and the warnings kept coming and coming, but who reads this newspaper? Certainly not some hypnotised low-information American brainwashed zombie.

For America’s enemies, and there are many of those, Obama has been a true blessing, he has done more damage internally than any terror cell could ever wish for. His total disdain for America has been all encompassing, and as the country daily veers towards the precipice, Obama is seen grinning from his parapet, still adored by legions of brainwashed followers who would gladly follow his orders to jump off a cliff without batting an eyelid. Obama’s demagogue status, can be easily compared to Adolf Hitler’s and this is why he was put in power by those who want to fracture the nation and guide it to complete destruction. The American experiment was over a long time ago, and Obama was the final cherry on the cake, okay, a glazed cherry laced with arsenic and snake venom.

As the tuberculosis ridden Mexicans stream over the open borders, this message alone should be enough for the people, but still they do not get it.

Obama may very well be America’s last president, because his executive actions denote a nation that has paid the piper, and as the last ebbing throes of a very sick, fractured nation pulse through the controlled news networks, there will eventually be an explosion when the fooled people finally wake up.

But that is what the fatherless Obama wanted all along, he wanted a reaction, and whatever indignity he foisted on the American brainwashed pulp mass, he did not get anything. Sure, they’re prepared, they have the bullets, and the stockpiles, they have the FEMA camps ready with stacks of plastic coffins. They just need you to make the first move, so they can be justified in their reaction.

The enlightened few, are exactly that. They are not many, but they control with efficient technique the slave taxpayer, and as the debt goes over a threshold there is no turning back for America. Even if all Americans were to give every single cent from their pay checks to the government for the next fifty years, the interest payments for the debt would not be dented.

How Obama will laugh, as he is escorted into his bunker, his family following behind, and he will even play golf down there, sipping his patented Kool Aid whilst protected from what is going on above.

However long it takes, they will eventually emerge from their luxurious stasis, and build their Elysium over the bones and plastic bags of a previous civilisation that was not needed any more.

Obama is laughing at you right now, he always was laughing, you just didn’t know it, until it was too late.

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