Experts: Isis Could be Used to Defeat Iran

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Isis was the ace in the hole Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. were looking for says a team of Middle East counter intelligence experts from the capitol.


“The heavily financed and organised Isis brigades sweeping through Syria and Iraq are a perfect cover to establish the defeat of arch enemy Iran. Drawing the enemy out of their defensive hole by utilising a force you yourself overtly oppose yet covertly support is a perfect tool for creating conflict. This way, you need not put your troops in direct danger and can defeat or severely weaken your enemy.

“The Americans utilised Saddam Hussein to destabilise Iran during the Iraq-Iran war 1980-88. Now similar operations are being conducted on Iraq and Syria, eventually moving into Iran.

“The short term plan was to establish a Shia led government in Iraq aligned with Iran after the 2003 invasion, this in turn would create resentment by the Sunni populations.

“By utilising these techniques America can finally mop up afterwards. Any groups utilised for America’s gain are easily expendable, as was shown with Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden, who were initially funded and trained by America during the late seventies and eighties. Once these stooges complete their tasks they are erased.

“The United States is currently wrestling a $60 trillion deficit, and urgency is needed to create further military opportunities for financial benefit.

“Urgent matters including disruption of oil supplies are also pressing factors, as the U.S. uses 85% of the world’s oil resources it cannot risk any stoppage for the sake of its faltering economy.

“Listen to Tony Blair when he says he wants military action, because what he says is part of the overall plan, it is just that he is jumping the gun a little with his unauthorised blabbing.

“President Obama, may have not been the brains in engineering any initial plans, but he is key to its operation. This is why he can calmly play golf, without a shred of stress about the position in the Gulf today.

“Everything is under control, do not worry about anything. That is unless you are one of the entities who has been marked for deletion by America.”