Obama Immigration Amnesty Seen in Movie Intro

TEXAS - USA - The Obama immigration policy is mirrored in a film from the eighties.

Obama is flooding the U.S. borders with anyone who wants to come to the U.S.A including drug cartel members, gangs and assorted criminals.

Film fans have noticed a similarity with Obama’s immigration amnesty and a film from the eighties.

According to news reports, 35,000 people are crossing the U.S. border unhindered monthly, which equates to 420,000 people per annum, and these are just the documented arrivals. Over a five year period, 2,100,000 people will have crossed into the United States, coupled with breeding and births, the numbers are set to increase by 65% annually.

All of these people, mainly from central and south America, will consume large amounts of resources, benefits, food stamps and housing..but they will vote Democrat so that’s okay.