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Is Russell Brand Trying to Dodge His Karma by Converting to Christianity?

UJJAIN - India - A highly ranked Hindu guru has postulated that celebrity Russell Brand converting to Christianity means he is trying to dodge his karma.

Hindu guru Aishvarya Swami has postulated that Russell Brand dumping Hinduism for Christianity is just a ploy to somehow dodge his bad karma owed to him after years of being rather nasty and allegedly causing harm to others.

Dodge his karma

“Russell Brand has dumped Hinduism for his so-called newly found dedication to Christianity. This is just a cynical ploy to try and dodge the large amounts of bad karma owed to him through the universal power. The Puranas state that the lord of karma is represented by the planet Saturn, known as Shani.

“Brand will not be able to dodge Shani, who will come for him for his past harmful actions. Christianity is a religion where people can commit the most heinous of crimes yet be absolved of their sins by confessing to a priest. This is simply a ticket to do as you please, confess to a priest, then continue doing what you did without any consequence of your harmful acts.

“In this respect, Russell Brand has stored up vast reserves of harmful sanchita karma which may not even be resolved in this lifetime, and carried on after. This is why he is desperate, and he thinks by dumping Hinduism he will be somehow absolved. Wrong my friend, very wrong. Brand’s kriyamana is the blackest I have ever witnessed in someone, and I fear that his running from it will pose even further damage to his already tainted atman. I repeat, the damage cannot be resolved in this lifetime. Everything has a consequence, you cannot run, you cannot hide, and changing religions means nothing in the universal mind.”

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  1. No real Christian would accept that abomination Russell Brand as a Christian. We know demons when we see them.


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