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Welcome to Sunak’s Crime Wave Britain



While unelected autocrat Rishi Sunak is more concerned with his little electioneering gimmicks like £1.8 million for each illegal migrant flights to Rwanda, Britain has become a smouldering cesspool of crime. If you’re a prospective voter — welcome to Sunak’s crime wave Britain.

Still, amongst the serious deterioration in security across the nation, and the daily reports of awful harrowing crimes filtering through along with the governmental incompetence, citizens like this brave lady in her Council House garden are the often forgotten remnants of a Conservative government floundering in the dark, ignorant to what is really going on in our streets.

Decent, hard-working citizens are being put through a meat grinder of crime every single day of their lives in a nation that has become desensitised to violence, hatred and theft. Cities and towns across the country are being flooded by criminals, whilst the police and Tory government seemingly sit down and do fuck all.

The cost of such intransigence and neglect by Rishi Sunak and his blind government will no doubt be reflected in the polling booths when the general election is finally announced.

No doubt, Labour will clean up in the coming general election, simply because people have surely had enough.

Welcome to Sunak’s crime wave Britain.


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