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Lord Louis Cypher Finally Collects On Russell Brand Debt

HENLEY-ON-THAMES - England - Russell Brand tried to avoid the contract he signed, but now it's time to collect.

Russell Brand had glazed over black eyes as he allegedly forced himself on his victims, but many in the know may appreciate that this was a channel for a certain type of energy, maybe a certain type of manifesting angel of darkness/light. You made the deal with the ultimate trickster, and the entity used you to plough the mountains of ‘pussy’ and enjoy the great physical wealth you enjoyed. Brand then tried to renege from the deal by living a supposed normal life with a wife and children, somewhat respectable, but the clock was ticking, and his YouTube show was his mistake.

Russell Brand, was the self-proclaimed trickster, however he was himself being tricked by the ultimate trickster, call it what you want in whatever religion or cult, the entity is always the same, and he is the one smiling now because Russell Brand’s entire soul is his for eternity.

At some point, the human trickster may try to trick the ultimate trickster, but this cannot be abided by, and Lord Louis Cypher shows you the contract you signed with his clawed finger. This ain’t no happy ‘Crossroads’ Hollywood film ending, but in reality it resembles something from the Alan Parker masterpiece, ‘Angel Heart’.

He doesn’t have to wait until after physical death to collect, as is the common misconception, he can easily collect at any time. What he gives, he can happily take. Russell Brand played with the wrong people when he started his YouTube channel, and the controllers know only too well how to summon up Lord Louis Cypher, or whatever you wish to call him. Stanley Kubrick knew about these people in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. They exist, and have always existed since the first civilisations were created by humans.


DreamShaper_v7_the_illuminati_0By tapping into that certain energy frequency, Russell Brand collected great wealth and literally fucked his socks off, but we must always realise that debts must be eventually paid, some way, somehow. If we were maybe all living in a non-Anglo Saxon society where sex is an accepted part of life with no hang-ups, maybe things would have been different, but there is also the hyper-sensitive soviet element of Woke ideology that has been introduced within the last decade or so. When society suddenly turns puritan the people doing the fucking, or did the fucking in the past, are not appreciated, and furthermore the mass proliferation of mass media reach has now turned into a surveillance state where it is not just the intelligence agencies collecting data on individuals but actual citizens willingly reporting people. If Brand had just disappeared and not dreamt up a new persona of some kind of political paragon of the ultimate ‘truth’ with his YouTube channel, maybe he could have got away with it, however, he could not help himself. Maybe, he should have stuck with chasing the dragon? Ultimately, it was his own narcissism that destroyed himself, and we all know who feeds and enables that powerful hunger.

Brand played while he could, while he channelled forces larger and older than his feeble physical form, but eventually he had to pay the Piper. The universe is a place where humans can only comprehend a very tiny spectrum of what is actually there, and we must be humbled by this fact, even the scientists know this.

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