Why Saying Goodbye to NHS, Free Schools and Benefits Could be Easier Than You Think

LONDON - England - There's no need to mourn the inevitable demise of Britain's much loved welfare system.

Unless you’ve been living in cloud cuckoo land you may have noticed the little fact that 85% of the population of Eastern Europe and portions of the Third World have moved to the UK. Now there’s nothing wrong with these people, they just want something better for themselves and their large extended families because they live in some of the poorest countries in the world. It’s just that there isn’t much space or resources left to give them their benefits and work if they want it.

It’s not all bad, well it is kind of but never mind. It’s always good to look on the bright side of life as Mr Idle once said. That’s the British spirit, however shit life can get, just get on with it.

Next time you need an ambulance, if it doesn’t turn up in 16 hours you’ll realise that there may be a reason for that. How about NHS wards and emergency centres so full of people that no one can move let alone be treated?

What about the UK’s state schools, so crowded that your child will be lucky to get one teacher in a class of 200? Lest we forget the additional problem of the limited teachers trying to communicate with the bemused kids who can’t speak a word of English. Surely, you may realise that your child won’t get taught much in that mess.

As for the benefits system, that’s something that may cause some anger when it goes. There are millions of indigenous benefits recipients in the UK. Some people genuinely need them, some people are habitual users like benefits breeders and most believe that getting benefits and free housing is their British right. Well, there will come a day very soon when benefits will be cut to a very low rate, so low in fact that it won’t be as enticing for the long term users or anyone really. The reason for this is, it’s all about the pot of money. You know, taxpayers money. Your benefits come from a group of people, but if the group of people receiving benefits is too large, that means the pot of money dwindles. It’s simply a supply and demand problem that can only be solved by reducing the amount given to each recipient of benefits.

Saying goodbye to Britain’s welfare system need not be hard. You just need to accept that this is what happens when limited resources are used up by a massive influx of new people into the country. Deal with it. Stiff upper lip chaps.