Shoppers Told They Can Refuse to Shop at M&S

LONDON - England - Shoppers angry at a religious M&S policy of kowtowing to religions have vowed to vote with their feet.

Shoppers have told Marks & Spencer staff that they can refuse to shop at their stores.

The new non-shopping policy was revealed after customers who were trying to buy alcohol from a Muslim shop assistant in London were told they’d have to use another till.

“I think we have a right to not shop at a supermarket where we can’t buy what we want,” Annie Twaddle, a devout alcoholic and bacon sarnie lover told the Sun.

UPDATE: Naturally there was a massive u-turn from M&S and everything is back to normal again.

  • Felis Leo

    Muslims should not even go anywhere near Britain because the country grows pigs, distils alcohol and consumes both. The air is filled with alcohol gases and the breath of people who had eaten pork.