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Reform Party Sweeps the Decks in By-elections as Tories Lose

LONDON - England - The Tories received another massive drubbing at the by-elections yesterday as the Reform Party increases its vote share.

Rishi Sunak’s wasteful high-tax socialist Party is set for a visit to the glue factory as the amazing Reform Party secured double-digit wins at the two by-elections yesterday. Richard Tice, the Reform Party’s leader, is well on the way to making Reform a serious force to be reckoned with in British politics, leaving the Green Party and Lib Dems way behind.

The Reform Party performed strongly in Wellingborough, a Northamptonshire town which backed Brexit, winning 13 per cent of the electorate. Whilst near Bristol in Kingswood, Reform secured over 10 per cent of the vote to come in third place.

Biggest tax burden in 70 years

As the General Election looms, Rishi Sunak, the current unelected autocrat PM and the Conservative’s are getting ready to not only lose most of their seats but see a further exodus of members when they are thrown into the political wilderness for decades. This is all thanks to completely ignoring the benefits of Brexit and running the country’s economy into the ground with 14 interest rate rises in less than a year, record high taxes, record high wasteful government spending, nanny state regulations, mass low skilled immigration and the multi-trillion cost of net-zero.

Tory waste

Under the Tories the bloated Big State is a fumbling mess wasting billions of taxpayers cash on committees within committees and useless initiatives that go nowhere including the idiotic attempts to curb the mass unfettered immigration that happened under their watch.

Britain’s economy is now officially in recession, which was announced yesterday. The Tory government is now set to lose the election to Labour who are led by the flip flopper Keir Starmer and his troupe of Marxist monkeys. God help us all, but will this be an apt punishment for the socialist Tories? Probably not. Reform is great, but sometimes the only thing left is a fucking big fat juicy Revolution. Yes, someone needs to bring forth the Revolution Party …

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