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Jeremy Hunt Praises Loss of Over 1,000 Tory Seats at Local Elections

LONDON - England - Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt praises the 1,000s of Tory seats lost at local elections across the country.

“We at the Remainer Tory Party are appreciative of the cover-up of the rout I personally engineered of Tory seats because of the King’s coronation ceremony. Not many people are talking about how I have made the Tories now so unpopular that if a person steps in a dog shit somewhere, they shout out ‘Sunak’ or my illustrious name. Yes, I Jeremy Hunt am an unbridled nefarious cunt of the highest in order. Let me tell you about the plan to lose the next election to Labour, so that Brexit can be reversed completely. The Treasury, BofE, and civil service swamp along with our various agents aligned with Brussels have purged the Tory Party of Brexiteers very successfully. It is only a matter of time my fellow EU Comrades that we make the people who even voted for Brexit change their minds. By increasing interest rates to insane levels we are creating pain to millions of households across the country, we have encouraged inflation to rise higher and higher on a daily basis to make your everyday survival a fucking horrible miserable existence. This is what Brexit Britain looks like thanks to remainers like me, and it will only get worse, rest assured, as I raise taxes higher and increase bureaucracy red-tape to kill more business off at the root.”

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