China is Transitioning From Peacetime Economy to War Footing

BEIJING - China - Stockpiling over 65% of the world's raw food materials as well as building its military up is a sign of war.

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This has been happening now for some time but a recent leaked report from the CCP certainly brings more clarity to China’s overall plans regarding Taiwan. As the USA is sadly under a particularly weak Biden administration who are more concerned with makeup tips for transexual teenagers than actual global threats, the CCP is capitalising on this inherent weakness.

With a population of 1.4 billion people, China has exhausted its agricultural capacity, as well as its hunger for resources. The overall plan is the annihilation of the North American population so they can move their population onto the land. The initial phase will be to cut off oil supplies to Japan, and clean out the South China Sea, including Taiwan. Without oil Japan would collapse and this is what the CCP are counting on.

Growth for China came at a great cost over the decades. The CCP used the Western need for cheap manufacturing costs to build huge wealth at the cost of polluting Chinese lands and its atmosphere. The vast wealth was however put to good use in building up China’s military to unprecedented levels. The PLA’s missile technology alone is thirty years ahead of current known Western technology.

As the West is concentrating its activities on Ukraine, they have exhausted much of their resources sending particular pieces of military hardware to fight Russia. This may take years to replenish and the CCP have realised another weakness.

Australia is also definitely on the CCP agenda, as it has many natural resources and a large land mass for China’s population to move in and take over. The CCP plan would be to first eradicate the Australian population so that Chinese people can take their place. China’s population consists of 1.4 billion, therefore an invasion force of 100 million PLA troops would be unstoppable by the Australian military. Sadly, the promised nuclear submarines from the UK and USA will take some time to materialise.

America’s population of 350 million could contend with an invasion force of 200 million well armed PLA troops suddenly dropping down on their shores. Yes, it would be a bloody fight but as Chinese troops and constant reinforcements keep coming even a final nuclear flurry will not stop the onslaught.

The war has been ongoing for some time, economically, through virus attacks, hyperinflation and commodity scarcity. China, the brutal communist totalitarian regime along with Russia, N.Korea, Iran will move when the call is made.

Our only hope is that NATO countries reply to China’s and Russia’s aggression with weapons that are fifty or a hundred years ahead technology wise.