How Will the IRA Winning the Election in Northern Ireland Affect the UK?

BELFAST - Northern Ireland - How will the political arm of the IRA affect the United Kingdom after gaining the majority of seats in the election?

Derry, Northern Ireland, IRA
Derry, Northern Ireland. A Brits Out Now IRA sign in Bogside neighbourhood

There is a certain amount of speculation regarding the political wing of the IRA (Sinn Fein) winning the elections in Northern Island.

Could this mean the break-up of a portion of the United Kingdom, which at the moment is about as ‘united’ as the global factions are today?

Could this mean that Brexit is spectacularly reversed and the UK is forced to rejoin the EU again?

Could this mean something else we all don’t know will happen in the near, not too distant future?

Fuck knows?

Although, one thing is certain in all of this. Brussels is loving every moment of it.

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