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Joe O’Biden: “I Would Rather Give U.S. Trade Deal to IRA Than Britain”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Joe OBiden hates the British so much that he would rather give a trade deal to the IRA.

When former U.S. president, Barack Obama said he would send the UK to the back of the queue if there was a Brexit, it seems like he was not lying. Along comes his puppet, Joe OBiden, a character so bereft of basic intelligence that he wouldn’t be able to see a gift horse’s mouth if it hit him at 70MPH. Such is the inane incorrigible deviancy of this corrupt old bag of detritus and his deranged socialist profligacy, that OBiden is now a vagrant in the global political forum. By denying Britain a U.S. Trade Deal, bitter OBiden has certainly not forgotten his Irish roots, and his deep-seated support for the Irish Republican Army.

Joe OBiden probably watches footage of IRA bombings on British civilians when relaxing at home in Delaware on another one of his multiple vacations where his secretive handlers come to give him his orders for the next session of America’s ruination. There are no rules for recording meetings at his private home, so his handlers can stay anonymous, although anyone with a brain can figure out who they are.

As for the simpering figure of Boris kowtowing to this vindictive angry pute de merde, let us say it is a truly sickening sight. Grovelling will not get anyone anywhere, and this is what Boris does not seem to get. If he really was serious, he would utilise leverage to instate a trade deal, for example putting the AUKUS deal on hold, or something even more threatening. Socialists do not respond to reason or logic, only threats of taking away something from them spur them into action.

As it is already coming along fine, the economic collapse of the USA is already underway, as the OBiden administration may not be able to fulfil their debt liabilities soon. There could very well be an impasse with the Republicans refusing to agree to another insane debt ceiling created from the profligate OBiden spending sprees on profligate socialist pet projects that will amount to nothing but misery and economic pain.

In August 2021, the public debt of the United States was around 28.43 trillion U.S. dollars, around 1.7 trillion more than a year earlier. Soon, the U.S. will not be able to service the debt they owe, and this means government workers will not get paid, snowballing into social security not being paid, amongst pensions etc. The Unfunded Debt Liabilities of the USA are even higher, and this is something no one dares to mention, for a very good reason.

It seems the USA will have to keep their chlorinated chicken for themselves for now, so Britain must wait until there is a new administration in the future who are not biased against their interests, and who are not so bound by their hatred for the British as the Obama Biden team is.

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