Ireland Sinks Under the Waves Torrents of Rain Apocalypse Disaster

THE IRISH SEA - The land mass that used to be Ireland is now gone as storms, waves, thunder, lightning and more storms plus a really massive wave covered all the land.

The Emerald Isle is sadly now under 30 feet of water.

The sad news was relayed by reporters just before a wall of water standing 300 feet high swept over Ireland and rains thundered down through the black clouds.


“Those who had boats are still floating in the Irish sea. It was every man, woman, and child for themselves. The devastation is so awful that I’m blubbing like a little baby right now telling you this. Aaargh!” a report relayed from the area just before disaster hit.

Rescuers are appealing to anyone who has a boat or rubber dinghy to assist in helping the evacuation of many swimming or stranded in the Irish sea over what used to be Ireland.

Please call: RESCUE IRELAND 09789 48755 578493 (Calls cost £34,569/minute)