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How Will the IRA Winning the Election in Northern Ireland Affect...

BELFAST - Northern Ireland - How will the political arm of the IRA affect the United Kingdom after gaining the majority of seats in the election?

Ireland Sinks Under the Waves Torrents of Rain Apocalypse Disaster

THE IRISH SEA - The land mass that used to be Ireland is now gone as storms, waves, thunder, lightning and more storms plus a really massive wave covered all the land.

Ryanair Customers to be Mugged at Check-In

LUTON - England - Airline staff working for budget airline Ryanair have been ordered to physically mug passengers before boarding their flights, it has been reported.

Luck of the Irish Downgraded Again

DUBLIN - Ireland - The phrase 'luck of the Irish' used to mean Irish adversity in difficult circumstances.

Satellite Imaging: Ireland Disappears Off the Map

LONDON - England - The once proud nation of Ireland is no more, new satellite images have revealed.

Traitorous Irish Rebels Attempt to Scupper Soviet European State

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Our supreme unelected elite commanders in Brussels were yesterday left with collectivized egg on their face all because of a traitorous democratic coup attempt by the Irish EU sector.

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