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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Ireland Sinks Under the Waves Torrents of Rain Apocalypse Disaster

THE IRISH SEA - The land mass that used to be Ireland is now gone as storms, waves, thunder, lightning and more storms plus a really massive wave covered all the land.

Ryanair Customers to be Mugged at Check-In

LUTON - England - Airline staff working for budget airline Ryanair have been ordered to physically mug passengers before boarding their flights, it has been reported.

Luck of the Irish Downgraded Again

DUBLIN - Ireland - The phrase 'luck of the Irish' used to mean Irish adversity in difficult circumstances.

Satellite Imaging: Ireland Disappears Off the Map

LONDON - England - The once proud nation of Ireland is no more, new satellite images have revealed.

Traitorous Irish Rebels Attempt to Scupper Soviet European State

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Our supreme unelected elite commanders in Brussels were yesterday left with collectivized egg on their face all because of a traitorous democratic coup attempt by the Irish EU sector.

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