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Traitorous Irish Rebels Attempt to Scupper Soviet European State

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Our supreme unelected elite commanders in Brussels were yesterday left with collectivized egg on their face all because of a traitorous democratic coup attempt by the Irish EU sector.

There has been upheaval in the Irish EU Soviet Sector with murmurs of democracy being uttered under the breaths of the people.

Supreme central command in Brussels will see fit to crush any vile ‘democratic’ rebellion and has sent a brigade of Bolshevik troops to crush the abhorrent rebellion.

Unelected Comrade Brown of the Soviet British sector, who answers to the head of the Soviet European State, Comrade Barroso, was on hand to reassure his superiors that there would be no such attempts at democracy in Soviet Britain unlike the rebellious potato munching leprachaunite Irish traitors to the Soviet EU constitution of totalitarian authority led by supreme elite unelected controllers.

Re-Educating the Irish

“Unlike the Irish who have embraced the weak bourgeois tendency to democracy and the right for a vote from the people, Britain will not be encumbered by such ridiculous nonsense. We will ratify the Soviet EU constitution for a totalitarian state and one-world government controlled by a few unelected Soviet European elites. Dearest comrades, it is for your benefit that we will be pushing through this constitution even when the people of Soviet EU Sectors in Ireland, France or Netherlands have voted against it,” Comrade Brown then let out a hearty laugh and was applauded by all in the Westminster duma.

Political Commissar for Re-Education, Comrade Ed Balls, has been ordered to go to Ireland to re-educate the Irish prole masses on how to comport themselves within the Soviet EU. Irish dissenters who do not follow the Comrade Balls EU Re-Education programs will be despatched to eco-gulags.

Elite unelected leaders in Brussels today were talking about inviting Comrade Robert
Mugabe into their ranks because of a great admiration for his techniques in winning over his people in the Eur-African Soviet sector.

Comrade José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Soviet Totalitarian Commission, said: “The democratic vote in Ireland is not a problem for the proposed Soviet Lisbon Treaty. We will push through the Soviet assimilation process with the necessary Bolshevik
brainwashing processes; 18 Soviet states have already approved the treaty with pay-offs and torture, and the Politburo division believes the remaining ratifications should continue to take their course. I believe the treaty is alive.”

Europe’s elite unelected leaders will simply steamroller their blueprint through despite the Irish rejection. There is no time for such fickle and petty doctrines like ‘democracy’ in the Soviet State of Europe.

Notice: B64345 INGSOCK Long Live the Gordo and the Soviet EU State!

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