Gordon Brown Reduces Gulag Detentions to 42 Years

LONDON - England - Supreme unelected leader, Comrade Gordon Brown, has today announced that all traitorous terrorists to the Soviet British state will have their sentences reduced from 65 years to 42 years.

With our great Soviet liberties of freedom there are many who think that the 120 million cctv cameras, DNA databases, microchipping, surveillance of all telephone and email correspondence, information databases, fingerprinting, scanners, biometrics, microchipping  and indefinite incarceration in gulags is not enough to ensure our Soviet democracy and freedom.

Our kind and fair great leader of the Soviet State of Britain has announced today that instead of being detained for 65 years, as is customary for anyone who disobeys the great Soviet state, there will be a holding period of only 42 years in a gulag.

“We, as a free country, must uphold the tenets of Soviet Bolshevik freedom in Britain today. I understand that 65 years of hard-labour in a gulag for anyone deemed an enemy of the Soviet state was too harsh and therefore I have been ordered by our great leader to reduce the sentencing to 42 years. The enemies of the Soviet Bolshevik State of England will not thus win a victory against our liberties and freedom,” Comrade Jacqui Smith, Commissar for ABC’s and ASBO’s outlined at a special Westminster duma meeting on Friday.

Thought-crime is also a punishable offence and anyone who harbours bad thoughts or plans on undermining our great Soviet father, Comrade Brown, will be despatched immediately to one of the thousands of gulags situated in sector 101 Northern Britain.

Our supreme unelected leader has outlined in his ten year Age of Change plan to increase gulag numbers to one million so as to contain any dissent of the state’s great workings.

British Soviet prole populations were ecstatic at hearing the news that the jailing period of 65 years has been reduced to 42 years. There were celebrations in sectors 34 – 57 and an extra chocolate ration of one bar was released by our great unelected master Gordon Brown.

We also have news of the bourgeois lickspittle traitor to the Regime of Soviet Change, David Davies. Yes, comrades, he has been despatched to a gulag in Haltemprice and Howden where he will be incarcerated for 42 years of hard Labour.

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