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Ryanair Customers to be Mugged at Check-In

LUTON - England - Airline staff working for budget airline Ryanair have been ordered to physically mug passengers before boarding their flights, it has been reported.

Ryanair staff have been told to increase the company’s profits by mugging passengers at the check-in desks prior to boarding their flights.

“We already mug them when they book their flights with excessive charges but we have been ordered to go a step further by mugging the bastards physically by nicking their hand luggage or going into their pockets to steal their gadgets,” Elaine O’Riordan, a Ryanair worker told the BBC.

Passengers have already complained about the muggings, but were simply told to “shut it, or we’ll throw you off the fu**ing plane” by bully Ryanair workers.

Doreen Elsingham, from Watford was travelling to Benidorm on a two week package holiday last week; and when she went to the flight check-in, she was told to hand over her i-pod, i-pad, smartphone and a box of Swiss chocolate she was taking to her 90-year-old grandmother or get a smack in the face.

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  1. Worst airline ever we flew to Palma from eastmidlands they took the wrong boarding pass onway there so I flew there with wrong boarding card witch was not checked at airport then at Palma on way home with are 2 year old was told I had to pay 70 euros to get a new 1 witch we did not have when I said it was there fault and that we had a young child with us the 2 lady’s at the Ryanair customer service desk in Palma was laughing at us with her friend thought it funny I had to about beg people to change some English money for me and Lucky for us a very nice lady behind changed it for me so we could get home and still they thought it was funny will never use Ryanair again they are the worst airline ever scammers horrible staff there boss should be ashamed the way they treat a paying family on holiday my friend just flew with klm lost his boarding pass they just printed him a new 1 FOR FREE and said enjoy your flight now that’s service Ryanair watch and learn you bunch of hustlers who are out to get as much as they can out you beware pay a little more and be treated good

  2. If this had really happened I think RYANAIR (My favorite Airline) would be shut down with no hesitation, the cabin crew on FR6626 from eninburgh to Lanzarote were very kind and because of my FLY RYANAIR T-shirt I made I got a seat in the cockpit. Was I just luck or what?

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