What Kind of Sofa You Should Buy During the Global Food Crisis

LOS ANGELES - USA - When everyone is starving and rioting due to hyperinflation and food shortages, what sort of sofa should you buy for your home?

sofa food riots

Buying a sofa can be a real nightmare. Does it fit with the aesthetics of your room? Are you looking for a retro look or minimalist designer post-modernist look? These are some of the questions you may ask yourself when choosing a new sofa.

Sofa so good

Outside in the streets, you nonchalantly view the total collapse of society due to extreme levels of food price hyperinflation. People are now rioting and looting all that remains on the destroyed streets. Cars are being torched everywhere by angry, desperate people intent on destruction. You can certainly confirm that the huge cost increase of food and utilities is a cause for concern, but buying a new sofa is a much more important priority.

Why spend your last bit of money on something as important as staple food supplies when you can purchase a Victorian antique chaise longue, or a Strandmon from Ikea?

Apart from the lobotomy machine (TV) in your sitting room, a well-designed sofa is a must to complement the juxtaposition of shapes within the space and that all important Feng Shui.

“One may suppose that you have not eaten a morsel of food for four days and are feeling rather peckish. You must at that moment dial up a furniture site on the internet and order an expensive sofa. There are some great deals these days and some companies even offer services where you can purchase a sofa and pay 6 months later. That’s actually a really good idea because the hyperinflationary riots and looting marauding mobs will be the cause of complete societal collapse in about two months.”