Obama’s 19.5 Million Fake Twitter Fans Sign Up For Obamacare

MUMBAI - India - President Obama, in desperation, has ordered a shady Indian group of low-paid workers to create fake Obamacare sign-ups.

“We made the fake twitter fans for Obama and now he wants us to make fake Obamacare signings. Is there anything real about this guy?” an angry net worker, who is paid $3.20 per week to add fake fans to Obama’s accounts, told the India Times.

All across America, many are realising that what was sold to them for months was nothing but a mirage, much like the president’s tenure.

Even some staunch Democrats are feeling the pain of Obama’s failure: “At least the Republicans get things done. They want to go to war, they go to war. They want to bring in a law, they bring in a law. I’m sick of the flip flopping and failure of the Dems to do anything. The only thing they do well is leak money, taxpayers money. I’m sickened by this whole fiasco, and Obama is a fake. He doesn’t even have a valid social security number and his birth certificate is fake. I doubt he even killed Osama Bin Laden. What’s real about this Obama guy?”

Meanwhile America’s government shutdown continues for the fourth day and counting.