Women Drivers Fearful of Driving in Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Not all women drivers are prone to hitting barriers on a three point turn or crashing into other vehicles when parking, but some are concerned by the recent shooting of an unarmed mother in the nation's capital city.

“My husband says I’m a good driver, I only scratched the side of our SUV twice this week. I’m scared to drive now after that mom was shot to death by the crazed Feds yesterday,” Michelle Olsen, a mother of four revealed to the Washington Times.

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Washington has thus released a warning to women drivers all over the capital.

“I am appealing to women drivers. If you’re driving near the White House or anywhere near Capitol Hill, please try and stay on the road, preferably on the right hand side as is the law in North America. If you do not feel like you can park your vehicle without hitting a security official or barrier, please drive your vehicle outside of the area and take the bus. We hope these pieces of advice will keep you alive,” Milton Hurlehy, a DMV official told local news stations, Thursday.

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