Boat Full of Refugee American Doctors Rescued Off Coast of Guatemala

CHAMPERICO - Guatemala - A group of American refugee physicians numbering over three hundred had to be rescued from a makeshift boat yesterday after fleeing America.

Local news crews interviewed the doctors after their arduous journey.

“We set sail from San Diego two weeks ago. We had some basic rations with us, but we had to get away from the Obamacare. If I have to treat that many people in one day for peanut pay I would go insane in two days. It ain’t right, I didn’t go to Med. school all those years to be a low pay dog’s body. A group of us got this little rust bucket and jumped in it to escape America,” Dr. Barry Soto, recalled.

According to the surviving refugee doctors some of their colleagues did not make it during the harrowing journey and had to be thrown overboard for the sharks.

“It was either the sharks back home or in the sea. They chose the sea, bless their souls,” a brain surgeon from Los Angeles told rescuers.

Captain Fernando Guatirez, for the Guatemalan Lifeboat Service told reporters about the rescue: “We rescued the gringos they were floating in the sea in a boat that even our refugees would not venture on. Those crazy gringos were fleeing America. I had to pinch myself to believe it.”

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  • Patty Shyaler

    Karma never fails.. remember when people from Cuba took a risk in Florida? I guess the land of the American Dream is vanishing…. My only concern is if they are "doctors" why cant they apply for a visa anywhere else? or maybe their lesson is not to charge so much and live more humbly helping other people out as well, not just their pocket.
    I think people have great expectations about how life should be and maybe this is not possible.
    Lets try to live accordingly to the Earth's means and help each other out…