IMF: The World Economy Will Boom Without USA

NEW YORK - USA - The American people are a very resilient, defiant people. Throughout their short history, they have endured immense hardship, but what is to come soon from their failing government is probably going to test their patience to the limit and beyond.

The IMF has praised Britain under the Conservatives for their superlative action after the British socialist party brought the nation within a hair’s breadth of certain disaster. The medicine doled out by Chancellor Osborne was bitter but it worked, and there are real green shoots showing within the British economy.

In stark contrast, President Obama, a staunch socialist kept on spending post 2008 and he is still spending now. With 50 million people on food stamps and over 100 million on government benefits, as well as the disaster of Bernanke’s QE, the dollar currency is under serious threat of being devalued to nothingness.

The Daily Squib has written about the coming American economic meltdown in the past, and we have seen the shocking signs as tremors to an impending earthquake that will be unrivalled in recent history.

Let us consider the fact that America’s hunger for the world’s resources is bleeding the world dry, and yet they do not have the money to pay back what they use. The USA is the world’s largest oil user and its hunger for other finite resources is not sustainable, especially in its bankrupt state.

The American socialists under Obama have bled the taxpayers dry with their unbridled unlimited spendthrift ways. This irresponsible behaviour by Obama’s socialist cohorts will cause deep pain soon as they are forced to taper QE and raise interest rates to normal bank rates. The warning signs are already there, with government agencies purchasing tanks and military equipment to be used on the streets of America. One must not also forget the purchase of billions of rounds of ammunition by Homeland Security. What are they preparing for? Martial law, is a certainty, as interest rates skyrocket, the price of daily consumables will rise to unattainable levels, all social security and welfare payments will cease, and it is most probable that an armed populace will try to regain some ground from the corrupt state of the current U.S government. This is why Bernanke is holding off the inevitable for as long as he can by buying back $87 billion worth of U.S debt per month. He can only do this for so long before the laws of physics finally win through.

The rest of the world will thus have an economic boom while the U.S implodes. The loss of a parasitical entity that makes up 4% of the world population and yet uses up 30% of the world’s resources will come as a huge relief. The key is in self sufficiency, something the U.S knows nothing about. Unfortunately for them they also do not know about austerity, they only know about unbridled consumption and greed, which always ends in tears. The rest of the countries around the world have survived for thousands of years, and grow slowly and steadily, America is a nation that has moved too fast, and its Empire is now a sad, crumbling shadow of its former self. All Empires have their day, and for America those days are long gone. From now on things will accelerate, sadly for the good people of the United States, the reckless actions of their government has doomed them to serious painful but necessary days ahead, their Founding Fathers knew this would happen and gave them the right to bear arms. Let us hope that Obama does not take that from them as well, he’s taken pretty much everything else.