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Washington D.C. to Become Theme Park

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Furloughed Federal workers will volunteer to work for free at the new proposed theme park that will populate the now empty streets of the capital city.

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“I just need something to do, after my fifth barbeque of the week I’m frankly sick of the sight of burgers, weiners and coleslaw,” Avi Schweimer, a Pentagon official told NBC news.

The White House itself will be the grand entrance to the theme park, and the Senate will have a water slide installed. As for the Presidential Townhouse, that will have a rollercoaster going directly through it as will the Eccles building.

The cost of the remodelling work on the project will be an estimated $346 million and will naturally be funded by a small increase in Federal income taxation as well as eventual reciepts from the theme park itself.

“Maybe we might be able to claw back some of that debt huh. I think this is a great idea,” Senator Harry Reid said from his holiday chalet in Switzerland.

As for VP Joe Biden, he has already signed up to become a clown in the White House circus tent which will be housed in the Rose Garden.

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