U.S. Shutdown: Backpay Furloughed Workers Not Working

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Thousands of U.S. Federal Government employees are taking a long backpay holiday during the government shutdown it has been revealed.

President Obama made sure that during the U.S. shutdown Federal workers would get full back pay if the shutdown ever stops.

“I’m on holiday, thanks to Obama and Boehner. Just been to the cinema and now we’re off for a three day trip to the Sierras. This is the best thing that ever happened, and not only that I get full backpay when we come back and actually have to work,” Josh Mastler, a Federal worker told CNN.

The question however arises, if these people are getting backpay why are they not at their desks right now?

“It’s part of the procedure of government. Along with my many benefits, huge pay rises, holiday pay, free healthcare, large pension plans, expense accounts and bonuses, I have to be compensated for my time when I’m not working. This is hard work, you know not being behind a desk and yawning. We deserve this shit. C’mon you saying I gotta work? Get outta here. I can’t wait to get that huge chunk of change when I get back, I may even take another paid holiday,” another U.S Federal worker said from the Bahamas.

Looks like Obama’s government is resembling the previous Labour government in the UK a little too closely.

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