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Trendy Consumerist Fashionistas Occupy Wall Street Protest

NEW YORK - USA - Amongst the Tommy Hilfiger, Gap clothing and other trendy sweat shop labels sported by the fashion conscious part-time protesters, they emphatically claim there is a serious purpose to their lame efforts in protest.

These protestors have never known real hardship, they are cossetted mollycoddled privileged children of the American empire, who are simply painting their faces and writing placards to look cool. Protesting comes from real hardship, something these over-privileged sons and daughters of excess and greed will never know.

Protest as Fashion

“The rest of the world is suffering a true recession where children are going hungry and dying in the streets, and you’ve got these bloated retards protesting in Wall Street, their country has plundered the resources of every nation in the world so these idiots can drive the 5 MPG SUV’s that their poppa bought them. It makes me sick to the stomach that these people have the front to say they are in hardship. They turn on the tap and they get water, they flick a switch and get electricity, they ask daddy for money and he hands it over,” an angry witness to the Wall Street protests told the New York Times.

Americans are so insular and ignorant that they will never realise how they have plundered the earth so they can live in absolute opulence and luxury. America as a nation uses up 54% of all of the world’s resources not including oil at 18,690,000 bbl/day.

“What these protests show to the rest of the world is how far from reality these children are. They have no concept about true protest or hardship, their timid impotent nature belies the truth that they have no passion for real protest. This is because they are not suffering truly, they are a bunch of spoiled over-privileged kids with no purpose but to use someone else’s credit card. If they were really suffering they would be tearing down that street and smashing everything in sight. Instead these c*nts are standing around moaning and painting their faces. At least we know who the Wall Street shits are, they’re shits and they make shitloads of money, they don’t lie about it, they tell you who and what they are. The protesters on the other hand, are nothing but p*ssies, and their ineffectual protest is nothing to anyone apart from their exclusive little clique and other limousine liberal shisters,” another observer quipped.

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  1. you should be ashamed of yourself for being American. Your country has committed more atrocities and war then any other country in history you have plundered every nation and caused more heartache and strife just so that your dollars can buy you everything under the sun. You Americans are loud stupid and greedy. You have destroyed the earth many times over and that's not with weapons but with you just being you. fuck your consumer culture and conglomerates which are killing everyhting. Americans are a pariah and you've only got yourselves to blame I can only hope your country implodes fom the inside, that is the only way the earth will survive.


  3. Occupy Wall Street Slogan

    OWS needs a slogan.

    It seem strange that some of us are opperating with one set of rules and others hasve another set of rules. Some are privelged and some are not. In America whjy don’t we asll operate with one set.

    After several nights thinking where a short phase kept coming back and back again,
    Here it is.


    The time has come to let Wall Street Insiders act with the same rules others, the Wall Street Outsiders, are required to follow.


    Why should Wall Street Insiders be allowed to gamble with everyones money.
    Is it time all gambling on Wall Street stopped?


    Why should Wall Street Insiders be allowed to buy and sell in less than
    the three days IRA holders are bound to?


    One method to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD for Wall Street Insiders is now being outlined and will be sent in several days.

    Mr. Wilson created over 10 major advances in Fire Safety, the most recognized is the “Stop, Drop and Roll” advice coming from his initial“Drop, Roll” article.

    This slogan

    is given with all rights to those who find it helpful.

  4. I was recently in the US for the first time from England and was astounded at their supermarkets. I've never seen anything like it aisles and aisles full of every kind type of food you could ever think of. Go to Whole Foods in any US city and you will see the pure waste. They have tons of food out there perfectly ripened hundreds thousands of products that I'm sure is not consumed and goes bad after a few days. What happens to that food? I bet the bins out back is just full of the gourmet food waiting to go to a landfill somewhere. This is my impression of America it was unnecessery and there was no need for it. They do not know what they have and it makes me sad when I see how we have to live in the UK. i love Americans and I found them to be very polite and friendly but they got to cut down if they want to survive. For the sake of future generations and other countries in the world they have to live within their means. I saw the US is 14 trillion dollars in debt. How long can that go on for??? You tell me!!!!!

  5. When the yanks are protesting you know things must be bad. Just think their bad is equivalent to our luxury…

  6. I am ashamed to be American what can I do our country just takes and takes from everyone and gives nothing bakc. shame is a crown i have to wear everyday of my life.

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