Trendy Consumerist Fashionistas Occupy Wall Street Protest

NEW YORK - USA - Amongst the Tommy Hilfiger, Gap clothing and other trendy sweat shop labels sported by the fashion conscious part-time protesters, they emphatically claim there is a serious purpose to their lame efforts in protest.

These protestors have never known real hardship, they are cossetted mollycoddled privileged children of the American empire, who are simply painting their faces and writing placards to look cool. Protesting comes from real hardship, something these over-privileged sons and daughters of excess and greed will never know.

Protest as Fashion

“The rest of the world is suffering a true recession where children are going hungry and dying in the streets, and you’ve got these bloated retards protesting in Wall Street, their country has plundered the resources of every nation in the world so these idiots can drive the 5 MPG SUV’s that their poppa bought them. It makes me sick to the stomach that these people have the front to say they are in hardship. They turn on the tap and they get water, they flick a switch and get electricity, they ask daddy for money and he hands it over,” an angry witness to the Wall Street protests told the New York Times.

Americans are so insular and ignorant that they will never realise how they have plundered the earth so they can live in absolute opulence and luxury. America as a nation uses up 54% of all of the world’s resources not including oil at 18,690,000 bbl/day.

“What these protests show to the rest of the world is how far from reality these children are. They have no concept about true protest or hardship, their timid impotent nature belies the truth that they have no passion for real protest. This is because they are not suffering truly, they are a bunch of spoiled over-privileged kids with no purpose but to use someone else’s credit card. If they were really suffering they would be tearing down that street and smashing everything in sight. Instead these c*nts are standing around moaning and painting their faces. At least we know who the Wall Street shits are, they’re shits and they make shitloads of money, they don’t lie about it, they tell you who and what they are. The protesters on the other hand, are nothing but p*ssies, and their ineffectual protest is nothing to anyone apart from their exclusive little clique and other limousine liberal shisters,” another observer quipped.