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Bank of England Governor Poos Pants Live on TV

LONDON - England - Sir Mervyn King, or Merv as his friends like to call him, had an unfortunate underpant accident live on the Channel 4 news programme last night.

Governor of the BOE, Sir Mervyn King, who was being interviewed by Channel 4 news business correspondent, Amjam Chakrabati, was seen to be sweating profusely as he answered questions about the UK’s faltering economy.

He kept reiterating the point that it was “all over” and that there was “no way out” when a loud ripping noise was heard, followed by the sounds of gaseous activity in the Governor’s underpants.

A Channel 4 spokesman confirmed today that the Governor had shat his pants live on telly and that the smell was so bad, the cameramen and sound engineers had to be evacuated from the tiny studio.

“He’s only a little fella. Didn’t know someone of that size could make such a stink. He even steamed up his funny round glasses,” a Channel 4 News producer told the Guardian.

It seems rather ironic that the Governor who is desperate for some movement in the economy is getting plenty of movement in his bowels.

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