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Man Marries Alien From Outer Space

SEVILLE - Spain - The 61-year-old civil servant married the alien who hails from the Centaurus A (NGC 5128) galaxy, on Wednesday.

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“They will have their honeymoon in a galaxy far far away. She adores him, and will look after him like a pet,” Alphonse Duran, one of the guests at the wedding said.

The alien likes to be called the Duchess of Alba on earth but on her home planet she is known as Pigaugly which means ‘beautiful’ in the Centaurian language.

“If her face looks like that, what does the rest of her look like?” another reveller said before being zapped with a laser gun.

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  1. I wonder what attracted the 61 year old clerk on 1500 euros a month, to the aristocratic duchess who is one of the richest women in Spain? I think she would have matched better with Hugh Hefner. Oh well, it was the wedding of the century (of which there are at least one per year of these now).

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