NI TAX: Why is Boris Johnson Turning into Jeremy Corbyn?

LONDON - England - Is Boris Johnson turning into Jeremy Corbyn? What happened to Brexit? Why are the Tories reneging on their Manifesto tax pledges?

Boris turning into jeremy corbyn
The Prime Minister Boris Jeremy Johnson Corbyn Portrait

Taxing pensioners who have had to sell their fucking homes for social care, to get social care tax, Johnson is taxing the social care users who need it most. This level of insanity only resembles something from Jeremy Corbyn, and Boris Johnson is looking like turning into the moth-eaten old Comrade every single day.

Kicking the Brexit can down the road, adopting EU motoring laws, and not doing enough to get rid of EU red tape, Boris has seriously lost his mojo. Something sucked it out of him, and one suspects that thing is sharing his bed every night.

Since losing the architect of Vote Leave and his election success, Boris is a floundering toad, lost in the dark, destroying election manifesto promises, proposing insane taxes on pensioners and shelf stackers alike to the point of destruction.

“I thought Boris was a Tory, but he is actually a Corbynite at heart. Boris is following Jeremy Corbyn to the political grave,” one disillusioned Tory ex-voter revealed.

There is no way in hell anyone in their right mind should vote Tory ever again if they turn back on their manifesto promises. This does not mean anyone should vote Labour either — just don’t vote ever again. Why vote when your vote does not mean a thing?

Britain needs profound change from the current political system of two dominating parties, we need a party dedicated to Brexit, and enriching Britain. We need someone to take us out of this malaise of kowtowing to the EU. Delete every single EU directive and law imposed on Britain. Create a Singapore on the Thames, entice businesses from all over the world to open up shop in Britain, stop the fucking illegal Channel crossings, stop the bleeding. Pay British workers a fair wage to pick the tomatoes and get rid of the reliance of paying slave labour wages to EU workers. Increase manufacturing in Britain, when was the last time you saw a ‘Made in Britain’ sticker on a product? If Britain produces reliable, and sturdy products then people across the world will buy them and not that cheap nasty shite from China that breaks after two uses. People are prepared to pay for quality. Britain must export again, we need to up the scale on production, manufacturing and innovation to rival Silicon Valley and China. Open the ports up, build ships, export across the globe, bypass the EU if they continue to mess around with any form of trade deal. Yes, Liz Truss, is doing a wonderful job, but she is not being backed up by anything or anyone else. Britain needs to think like the Empire again, and go forth to conquer global trade with a vengeance. Britain also needs to inculcate a complete British education system and remove those in universities and schools who are trying to remove/re-write/subvert British history. Britons should be proud of their conquering Empire that has long-lost its lustre, however it still lies deep in the British psyche.

If lazy Boris cannot do the job any more, then someone should step up right now because time does not wait for anyone, and there are less than three years till the next election. Boris has lost his mojo completely and he either needs to get his mojo back, or let someone who has a modicum amount of testicles to take his place.

At this current moment, Jeremy Corbyn is in Number 10 Downing Street. Britain is floundering, and the Remainers smell blood. There is a distinct possibility, because of Boris Johnson’s failure to move ahead with Brexit, that Britain may rejoin the EU when future governments win the election unless something drastic is done now. Then Britain will be lost forever.