Biden Eats Ice Cream While Migrants Kept in Cages

MEXICO BORDER - USA - Joe Biden has been checking out the border where immigrants are put in cages as is Democrat policy.

Kids-in-Biden-Cages-Biden Ice Cream


“Hmm, hmm, this ice cream is delicious, wanna lick? Psych!” Biden taunts a Mexican boy who has not eaten for three days. The boy watches Biden munching on the large ice cream and drool flows down his chin.

Who says the Democrats don’t treat their future voters well? The Detention Centers on the borders are now overflowing with illegal migrants all stuck in cages in despicable conditions.

“You’re gonna vote Democrat when you eventually get out of here aintcha boy? Gimme a break man! These cages are great, look you can see each other through them! Welcome to America amigo!”