Transplaining Transgender Gender Fluid Lesbian Male Escapes Reprimand

LONDON - England - A pregnant woman who dared to confront a transpreading, transplaining trans entity on the London Underground is today dealing with the consequences.

tube station transplaining

According to reports on the London Underground, the transgender entity was transpreading in the carriage whilst simultaneously transplaining to a woman about trans rights in women’s sports.

“I had just got on at Baker Street and as I am pregnant, I saw a seat available, however there was a transgender man who was transpreading across three seats. I asked in a gentle tone whether I could sit on one of the seats, seeing as I was pregnant and needed a seat. Immediately, the transgender started transplaining about the virtues of transgender rights in women’s sports and how I should as a biological female get a life for daring to ask for a seat. The transgender entity then adjusted her trousers accordingly so that its plastic prosthetic penis could be visible to everyone while transpreading,” the real woman recalled.

After being reported to Transport For London by the woman, the London mayor Sadiq Khan himself stepped in to the argument. He reprimanded the pregnant woman for daring to question the transgender, and fined her £2,500.


Transpreading is a pejorative neologism referring to the practice of transgender entities sitting in public transport with legs wide apart, revealing their various genitalia in all their glory and covering more than one seat.

Transplaining is a pejorative neologism referring to the practice of transgender entities explaining in a condescending authoritative tone about any transgender related subject usually in a very loud, patronising angry voice.

N.B. Thankfully, not all transgenders are transpreading transplainers, and are decent well-rounded pleasant individuals.