Biden Opens the Gates to America For Disease, Crime, Welfare Tourism

ARIZONA - USA - Biden has opened the borders for millions of South Americans to surge into the country from some of the poorest countries in the world.

biden please let us in

There is nothing more drastic between President Trump’s border policy of safety and that of Joe Biden where dangerous criminal gang members, rapists, disease ridden sickness, and welfare tourists are being ushered into America to suck the country dry.

Naturally by bringing in half the poor of South America into the United States, Biden as a Democrat is only using the cannon fodder as future votes for the socialist party of America in the next election.

This is where the Republicans fall down, they are, the majority of them decent hard-working people who dutifully want to live in a safe nation and prosper, and they are the taxpayers, but their numbers are diminishing, especially as the Democrats use illegal aliens and South American criminals as their voter base.

Unless Republican Americans start breeding like rats, then they will be shit out of luck for future elections. Start fucking right now Republican Americans because you are all going to be outnumbered soon, and it’s only going to get worse as the years pass.

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