Last Stand at ANTIFA Corral

THE SUBURBS - USA - Designated domestic terrorist group ANTIFA who converged on a neighbourhood full of American MAGA patriots met a messy end.

There was real fear in the eyes of the spindly boys dressed all in black with face masks. This time it looked like there was no way out — it was a stand-off between ANTIFA and MAGA, and all exits were blocked.

Had the ANTIFA high command committed a major error by directing this particular Bolshevik brigade to the suburbs? There was confusion in the voice of one comrade as he suddenly noticed their flanks filled with bristling MAGA boys, and they looked way bigger than the effeminate soy milk drinking ANTIFA crew.

Fear quickly turned to pussy flapping terror as more MAGA troops converged on the tittering ANTIFA Bolshevik comrades in arms. One ANTIFA boy made a series of loose soy farts purely out of fear, but their commissar told them to stand their ground. That’s when the ditch beckoned, a mass of black clad ANTIFA and Old Glory carrying MAGA troops determined to protect their neighbourhood from any rioting or looting, piled in.

This was not the Battle of Gettysburg, especially with the almost comical ‘combat’ abilities of the scrawny ANTIFA troops. They were simply no match for these steak eating MAGA men who were pounding down on the ANTIFA crew as if they were pounding corn. One little ANTIFA boy stood up and threw a water bottle at a MAGA soldier, bouncing off his head harmlessly. It is doubtful that the MAGA man even felt the bottle ricochet off his vast head, as he took the boy, who probably urinated in his own trousers as he was put in a choke hold by very large arms.

During the great ditch battle, one ANTIFA coward, overwhelmed by the sheer force of the MAGA crew, took it upon himself to take out a knife. That’s when the Stars and Stripes upon a flagpole made a welcome entrance into the fight. The flag pole was used to push the knife away and the cowardly ANTIFA boy lost the fight, as did the rest of his crew.

That glorious battle on that particular day was a tiny example of what would happen if the designated domestic terrorist Marxist group ANTIFA tried anything significant. Testosterone and real masculine power wins every time when it comes down to the wire, plus American patriots are good shots, these people are practically born with Colts in their hands. By the age of five, if you can’t shoot a quarter thrown in the air from 100 yards, you ain’t shit.

ANTIFA communists would therefore not have a chance in a civil war, they would be wiped clean off the map, as would most American socialists who don’t even know what to do with those guns they hate so much. Bloodbath comes to mind.

The American communists should thus beware of wishing upon a civil war, because when it comes, they’ll be the first to die.