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Divided America – The Video That Tells of Civil War Ahead

TEXAS - USA - Civil war is coming to America for its second and final outing. This time, the purge will be conclusive and permanent negatively impacting the communist left.

It is quite rare to see a video that is as divisive and ridiculous as the one above. The footage shows the ultimate division America is suffering at the moment.

Civil War is Assured

On the one side are the Anti-American Communists, and the other are the Nationalist Capitalists, the Democrat Socialists Vs the Conservatives/Libertarians, the SoyBoys Vs the Testosterone, ultimately however it will all be settled by the people who own guns and are trained in using them.

“When it kicks off, the SoyBoys and ANTIFA will be first to die. Anti-gun socialists will perish, because they just can’t shoot straight even if they did have a gun. The Conservative Libertarian American Patriot credo is shoot straight, finish the job, then move on to the next target.

“Our divided nation now is hanging by a string. All it will take to trigger the Civil War, will be another economic downturn. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck, give ’em three days without, and they will turn to animals to survive. The weakest in the link are the socialists, the safespace soyboys, the communist Antifa, the welfare people, basically democrat voters who have now turned so far left, they believe communism is the only answer. These people will be sitting targets because they’re anti gun and anti-American. It’ll be like shooting ducks in a barrel.”


In no uncertain terms, the tragedy of America may only be solved through a final civil war to purge the nation. There are many who are wishing on a civil war so badly, they prepare every day and will have the biggest smile on their faces when it starts.

“It’ll be like Christmas, and all the holidays rolled into one. Imagine my pleasure as I pick off the commie liberal triggered fagg*ts off one by one. There will be no campus safespace for these people to run to, there will be no chant they can say to stop the bullets entering their soft bodies. At their last moment, they will wish they learned how to defend themselves, but it will be too late,” one Libertarian Militia member revealed.

As for the technorati, what will happen to them in a civil war? The Silicon Valley CEOs and higher ups will flee the country in their jets leaving their underling employees to get slaughtered. There’s little or nothing an algorithm can do whilst an armed well-trained right winger points a modded Ar-50 at your cranium. BANG! Expensive brains splattered all over the wall.

It is quite ironic that the easily triggered left will be dispatched so easily by triggers in the guns they hate so much.

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