Forget about injecting people with bleach disinfectant as Trump is suggesting, the key to the coronavirus cure lies in nanotechnology.

Where is Ray Kurzweil when you need him? The great Ray could cure the whole population with a bat of an eyelid, that is if he wanted to. We all know that a cure would go against the plan, and this is why Ray will save his genius advice to a time when the globe has its population reduced substantially. Until then, there will be no cure.

One thing that is noticeable since the coronavirus made its global introduction, is that the medical fraternity are still living in the dark ages when it comes to great leaps forward in scientific discovery. With the doctors and scientists flailing around in the dark, still utilising 19th century science, the world is ignoring the nanotechnology that could be injected into the body to fight the coronavirus.

Nanoparticles which are 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, would be programmed to latch onto the coronavirus individual cells, then disrupt them via the use of ultraviolet light treatment which would activate the nanoparticles. This would be one of many possibilities to destroy the virus from within the body itself, utilising the virus’ own weaknesses.

Nanoparticles do not have to be constrained to the inner body, they could be sprayed onto hard surfaces where the coronavirus could reside, and attack the individual viral cells from the outside stopping the virus’ ability to spread.

The reason this new technology is not being utilised is purely because the current plan must be fulfilled first and that the costs are not worth it on using on the current population.

Once the coronavirus has completed its cycle, then future scientists will use nanotechnology.