china tyranny communist
A Hong Kong, anti-communist anti-Chinese protestor shows her banner

For the past three decades, the West has given China carte blanche to increase its economic reach and power within the capitalist Western economy. This frenzied trading activity with China, and the use of its factories run by communist slave labour has benefited not only the Western companies that exploited the cheap labour costs but also the Communist party which has increased its coffers to an overflowing mass of money.

How has China repaid the West for the business?

By stealing its business and military secrets, by increasing its military capability for a future war, and ultimately by releasing a virus into the global community that is decimating economies and killing people.

The Chinese Virus nearly killed the British PM, Boris Johnson. As of today, over 2 million people worldwide are infected with the Chinese Virus, and over 150,000 people have died from the pathogen which came from Wuhan, China.

The Chinese communist regime must be held to account for its extreme cover-up of the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan. Whilst the virus was raging across the region, over 10 million Chinese tourists were encouraged to fly to Western cities and this resulted in the virus spreading deep into the population centres of the Western nations, who are now lying in economic and human ruin.

If the West is ever going to survive this outbreak it must relinquish reliance on Chinese factories, it must stop all trade with China. Furthermore, economic and trade sanctions must be brought on the Chinese regime, cutting it off from the International community.

The United Nations must be forced to stop supporting the brutalist savage communist regime of China, and if it does not, then the largest donors to the UN need to remind the diplomats who holds the keys to their vast expense accounts and retirement plans.

Communism does not pay, and the communists will be brought back to the good old days of equality in poverty, in China.

China must be taken back forty years, for it to learn from its punishment. If eventually China overthrows the communists within their nation, then they should be brought back into the International community, but only after there is an organic, democratic revolution from within.