China Second Wave of COVID-19 is Commencing

HUANGSHANG - China - The second wave of the COVID-19 virus has already commenced and is spreading through cities once again.

Chinese covidiots Huangshan
Chinese covidiots Huangshan (Twitter)

There are small leaks coming out of China, which is repressing the reports as much as possible, that a second wave of COVID-19 infections is picking up once again.

No doubt, the Chinese will cover up the death statistics for the second wave as well.

Flights into China are still coming in, with many Chinese students who study abroad, as well as business related flights.

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Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 13.08.03 (

Factories in many cities have resumed production, and this invariably means that the movement of workers from different cities in China spreading the virus once again.

Tourism has been allowed to resume internally, as was seen in Huangshan, where thousands of Chinese tourists crowded the area when it was opened, spreading the COVID-19 virus as the masses of people crowded together most with no masks.


“There were many people sneezing and coughing without masks, all of the crowds very close to each other. It is a very dangerous situation but nobody seemed to care, they were just happy to be outside,” one observer revealed.

Tourism has already been allowed to resume internationally for Chinese wishing to visit other parts of the world, and this will allow the COVID-19 virus to travel further, as many will go to infected tourist spots and bring back the virus to Chinese cities once again.

There have also been many scapegoats to the COVID-19 hysteria in China, with black people in Guangzhou city being turfed out of their homes and rounded up by the authorities.

As the virus shifts its focus to Southern cities and the Northern border with Russia, it is inevitable that the deaths will be covered up by the authorities once again as they struggle to contain the spread of the second wave.

Huanshan covidiot Chinese tourists after lockdown
Huanshan – covidiot Chinese tourists after lockdown