We Must Discuss Transgender Rights During Coronavirus Pandemic

CALIFORNIA - USA - Transgender activists plan to boycott any hospitals if the staff mis-pronoun them, even if they are dying from coronavirus.

trans woman tennis player with makeup
I am a woman.

Whilst people are dying painful deaths in hospitals gasping for air as they drown in their own lung fluid, it is important for the politically correct, cancel culture socialist mob to discuss the importance of using the right gender pronouns, transgender activists demand during the pandemic.

“We must boycott the hospitals who have staff who accidentally call women men when they discover they have a large penis under their gown. I don’t care if I have COVID-19 and cannot breathe, at least call me by the correct gender pronoun even though my testicles are probably bigger than most men’s and I identify as woman this week,” one transgender social justice warrior on YouTube explained.

One man who used to be a woman last week but now identifies as a man this week, now identifies as a gender fluid for next week, starting on Tuesday, but he will have the possibility of changing his mind mid week and seek womanhood, or maybe be a little girl or an eight-year-old boy.

Transgender activists seek to blockade hospitals in the name of transgender pronouns on Wednesday.

“I am fighting for the right to transgender…(coughing)…rightss…(brings up large volumes of white stuff)….I am a woman…even though I have male bone structure and chromosomes…if I think I am a woman…I…(cough)…(drops dead on the floor).