Britain Will Get Through This China Virus Purge Only if it Shuts Down NOW

LONDON - England - The China Virus (COVID-19) is ravaging its way through the world. Britain is in the beginning stages of a soft, partial shut down -- but is it enough?

china virus party
Low IQ selfish nightclub revellers spreading the deadly China Virus due to reckless ignorance and stupidity

The Boris government is at a terrible impasse, there are two choices: save the economy, or save the people.

Lessons must be learned from what is happening in Italy and Spain where whole areas are being purged by the curse from China, this insidious coronavirus that refuses to go away, decimating whole cities and towns, young and old.


Even though Italy shut down its cities, the China Virus is still ravaging the population, therefore: what hope does Britain have as its cities streets/pubs/clubs are still crowded with people, where those who dare to wear a mask are ostracised and stared at, where the air traffic has barely stopped bringing people from all over the earth in, where the clubs and pubs are full of defiant morons who think they are immune to the deadly pathogen?

Air traffic is still extremely active across Europe, which means that there will be little respite to the China Virus COVID-19. Every day, every hour planes land in Britain, and infected passengers not wearing masks or showing symptoms enter our airports, they then shed the virus onto anyone who is close, simply by breathing close to anyone the pathogen is ingested by the previously unaffected person. In planes, the ventilation systems distribute China Virus from infected individuals throughout the plane infecting more people within the enclosed space.

Hotels and offices with ventilation heating and air con systems are spreading the pathogen from the infected to the uninfected efficiently through the air waves as COVID-19 is airborne. Aerosolised water droplets produced when people cough and sneeze remain airborne for extended periods of time, thus increasing chances of infection by an airborne virus.

Ventilation systems within enclosed spaces allow the China Virus to spread, and condensation build-ups in crowded buses, trains are perfect conditions for the coronavirus to spread throughout carriages. The majority of passengers in London’s severely overcrowded crammed underground trains do not wear proper N95 rated masks, and do not protect the eyes.

The eyes are neglected by most people who even dare to wear a mask, and all it takes for the COVID-19 virus to infect you is a single miniscule air droplet holding the virus to land on the surface of your eye.

The moronic low IQ selfish pieces of shit people partying in the pubs and clubs are the front line cannon fodder, the casualties of war, will become infected and infect others, their lungs scarred irreparably, and once they get the virus, they can be reinfected causing their body’s organs to shut down, their antibodies causing cytokine storms within the immune system, much like happened during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, where the second wave of infection was the ultimate killer.

A cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which, in a flu infection, is often associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs. The resulting lung inflammation and fluid buildup can lead to respiratory distress and can be contaminated by a secondary bacterial pneumonia — often enhancing the mortality in patients. SOURCE

As long as there are roads open, as long as there are trains running, as long as there are planes landing in Britain, the China Virus will move, and spread into the population.

There are already two known strains of the China Virus, and it will mutate, as different global regions are encountered by the pathogen, it will adapt, therefore a vaccine that takes a minimum of eighteen months to prepare even if it’s fast tracked, will be useless when it is used because by that time the COVID-19 virus would have mutated. One must also be weary of any pharma company that claims to have hastily brought out a serum or cure, simply because anything produced so quickly could very well be dangerous to the recipient.

The government must now prioritise its efforts into either saving the already fallen economy or saving its taxpayers. This is a hard choice, ideally they would like to save both, but the China Virus is ruthless, it does not care for economics, share prices, or humans — it just wants to munch away, to eat, manger, to scoff up and spread.