Non-essential Contact for Everyone Except for Teachers Who Congregate With Hundreds Daily?

LONDON - England - Teachers who are at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic are putting their lives and the lives of school children every day the schools are forced to stay open.

According to the government guidelines broadcast last night: “Everyone should avoid gatherings and crowded places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres” but this does not include severely crowded schools.

It’s not just the children who are being sacrificed at the altar of coronavirus infection by the government, but spare a thought for the poor teachers who are being put in harms way every moment of the day at schools, dealing with hundreds and thousands of pupils daily.

Teachers are at the forefront of the coronavirus nightmare, some who have underlying health conditions or pregnant, crammed into classrooms full to the brim with children who may or may not be infected with the deadly virus.

It is the government’s ridiculous policy which contravenes what many other nations are doing as well as WHO guidance, to shut schools in a climate of abject fear and contagion.

The teacher’s union seems to be caught in the headlights, as nothing is done.

Pupils  and some teachers are planning a mass walkout on Friday, which has gathered momentum with the Twitter hashtags #Covid19Walkout and #CloseTheSchoolsNow, which they hope will force the Government to close schools.

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Close Schools/Colleges down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19

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