Dr. Josef Vallance Mengele Experiments With ‘Herd Immunity’ On Children

LONDON - England - The Chief Medical Officer Dr. Josef Vallance Mengele wants to conduct a death experiment on 60% of the UK population called 'Herd Immunity' using school children as the main subject.


Keeping the schools open to test his theory of ‘herd immunity’ on living child subjects is certainly a gleeful pastime of Dr. Josef Vallance Mengele, he loves these experiments on his child subjects with viruses that are completely new and no one knows anything about.

The fact that the coronavirus strain is a deadly biphasic pathogen that reinfects people means that subjects cannot come up with resistance. This is of course of no concern to the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Josef Vallance Mengele, he directs the sheep to the slaughter with ease, smiling with pride at his work.

Herd Immunity Herd Mentality

“It is a work of joy, the children will become infected with coronavirus, then distribute the virus so that more than 60% of the population catch it, then many millions will die. I am the Chief Medical Officer, and no one can dare to even doubt me, or question my authority. These fools follow me blindly and without question to their deaths, lemmings, sheep, call them what you want, the majority will be incinerated without thought,” Dr. Vallance Mengele said with glee.

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All that is needed is compliance to the orders, you will send your children to their deaths, and you will in turn be infected.

It is for your own good, ‘herd immunity’ but the funny thing is, there is no herd ‘immunity’ to certain death by drowning in your own lung fluid.

The sheep must follow, they have no mind, they are the herded sheeple, and they gladly walk through the slaughter house doors without a bleat of protest.