Obama Hurricane Response is Election Gift From God

NEW JERSEY - USA - The Republicans are nowhere to be seen after the Sandy hurricane, and Obama is everywhere to be seen, this is just what he needed.

Could hurricane Sandy clinch the coming November 6 election for Obama? Certainly the president has been seen out and about smiling and promising relief to the thousands of people recovering from the devestating hurricane.

“Look what the Republicans did during Katrina. They let people rot and there was chaos. Obama is calm, collected and he looks like a president out there talking to the relief workers and New Jersey Governor. Where’s Mitt Romney, in his bunker?” a voter said on his way to a polling station in Arizona.

Some GOP election campaigners have been quietly fuming at Obama’s stellar performance during and after the hurricane.

“This is a vote changer. People will see Obama as the human voice of America because he is out there helping people. We’re still in our bunkers and we need to get out and pretend to help the people best we can, but I think it is too late already,” a GOP election official said.

One might almost think that Obama and the Democrats had conjured up Sandy in the first place.

  • Madeleine

    The president should have been seen–it's his job, not Mitt Romneys. by the way, Romney sent busloads of stuff to the east coast and held fund raisers. After the president looked around on the east coast, he went to Vegas to campaign, and hasn't been back since. It would have been better for him to stay there and help oversee things. Things on the coast are in a turmoil and people are getting desperate.

  • wavettore

    Once again, the next US presidential election will be fixed. Mitt Romney will be elected even though Barack Obama would have received more votes in the 2012 election. The political assassination will be perpetrated by Bush hiding behind Crossroads GPS, the most influential group of Neocons.

    The Neocons will have Mitt Romney elected to first use him and then let him fall easy prey. All blames and responsibilities will fall on the new Mormon president for the events already planned.

    Mitt Romney will be the spokesman for George Bush and his job inauguration is on January 21 2013. The next Israeli election instead will be on January 22 2013. These two dates are overlapped in preparation for War.

    The new World War of Religion is already a done deal behind the backs of all people to bring chaos and poverty and to favor in the end one New World Order.

    It will be just from chaos that one voice will rise with the promise to fix all and everyone.

    That will be the forked tongue of the New World Order.

    Only one Solution can prepare for this future scenario.